Floating and Doctoring with Chris & Nica

Floating and Doctoring with Chris & Nica

My name is Chris and my friend in the purple scrubs is Nica. We are fourth year medical students at the Medical College of Georgia. Follow our journey with Floating Doctors in Bocas del Toro, Panamá!

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  • VII. Update from the USA
    Nica and I are back in the USA and just had our Match Day yesterday. Match Day is a nationwide event where medical students across the nation simultaneously learn where…More
  • VI.I Emergency in Cayo de Agua
    During our first clinic day in Cayo de Agua, I had just transitioned over to the provider role when I heard our clinic manager Jack discussing a potential emergency home…More
  • VI. Multi-Day Clinic in Cayo de Agua and Quebrada Sal
    After yet another fun weekend of exploring the beautiful, natural islands of Bocas it was time for Nica and me to start our third and final week with Floating Doctors.…More
  • V. Single-Day Clinic Week in San Cristobal and Tierra Oscura
    After a fun weekend in Bocas Town, Nica and I returned to base Sunday evening to prepare for the next week of clinics. Our week started with a day on…More
  • IV. Multi-Day Clinic in Nance de Risco and Rio Oeste
    Monday of our first week finally arrived which meant it was time to head out to clinic! We run clinics every week to different Ngäbe villages in the surrounding area…More
  • III. The Return to Floating Doctors
    We made it. We finally made it back to Floating Doctors base. Floating Doctors’ (FD) base is a beautiful self-sustaining base of operations set in the mangroves of San Cristóbal…More
  • II. Traveling to Bocas del Toro
    We woke up at 7am to catch a flight to Bocas del Toro. We flew out of the tiny domestic Albrook airport in Panama City in a fittingly tiny airplane.…More
  • I. Traveling to Panamá City
    Nica and I began our day by meeting at the Atlanta international airport early Friday morning to catch a non-stop flight to Panamá City. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it in…More

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